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Success starts with proper knowledge and education. Education creates the confidence and skills for clinicians to offer help to their patients. At NK’s Sleep and Breath Academy, we recognize the importance of educating health care professionals on the science and medicine of Sleep and also provide technological skills and share step by step protocols that they can use to implement sleep medicine in their practices.

Under the guidance of Dr. Nivedita Kumar, NK’s Sleep and Breath Academy aims to provide accessible and quality training in Sleep Medicine and Airway space development and management, for all health care practitioners around the world.

Sleep Medicine is a true multi-disciplinary field and involves collaboration of all areas in healthcare to provide a wholistic solution for sleep issues.  Through our comprehensive educational programs, we would like to develop a network of like-minded professional to work together towards a common goal of helping our patients Sleep better and Breath better.

Dental courses

Masterclass in Integrated Dental Sleep Medicine

  • Become Specialized in DSM
  • New therapies for your existing patients
  • Increase New Patient Referrals
  • Free starter kit, 1 free device, lab vouchers
  • Membership to Beyond 32 Study Club
  • Certified providers for NK’s Sleepwell technologies
  • Promotion of your practice on our platforms


Pediatric Airway and Dental Sleep Medicine

  • Comprehensive training in Peds Sleep Medicine
  • Skills to screen manage craniofacial growth discrepancies
  • Airway Focused Dentistry
  • Multi-Disciplinary Faculty
  • Tongue ties evidence and management
  • Workshops Myofunctional therapy,
    Palatal expanders

Setting up a Sleep Lab for dentists

Coming soon

Students Testimonials

Best Sleep apnea Course
Best Sleep apnea Course