Tap Pap Nasal Pillow Mask

Tap Pap™ Nasal Pillow Mask with oral piece is used to stabilize nasal pillow of the CPAP mask, and eliminates usage of the usual headgear or straps. This removes the nightly hassle of trying to adjust the straps, strap marks on the face and also reduces air leaks which are seen when straps are moved around while sleeping. The streamlined design of Tap Pap makes it very easy to breathe on regardless of your CPAP pressure. The nasal pillows do not need to be tight to your nose due to the overall stability of the mask.  Tap Pap Nasal Pillow Mask is held securely in place by your upper teeth with a special ThermAcryl™ mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is easy to fit by warming in hot water and placing on your upper teeth. Once you have fit the mouthpiece, the mask swings into placeand you simply tighten the nut. The end result is a comfortable mask fit that is securely held in place throughout the night.