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Nk’s Sleepwell Global Healthcare started with a passion and a desire to help people achieve wellness and health through better sleep.

Sleep plays a very important role in our health.  There is ample evidence to show that poor quality sleep and sleep disorders can affect a person’s mental well-being and physical health.  Moreover, these days, unfortunately sleep disorders have become a widespread condition and over 93% of Indians currently suffer from sleep issues. This is now a public health concern.

Yet, we are a generation who have not prioritized sleep and have in fact ignored it.   Moreover, this lack of awareness in not limited to general public, but also amongst a lot of sectors in healthcare.

NK’s Sleepwell Global Healthcare was thus conceptualized to provide a one-stop solution center for all sleep issues. This center is the first of its kind in India and the services offered help to bridge the gaps between public treatment needs and healthcare professionals.

Everything we do at NK’s to help you sleep better, breath better and live better

NKs Snoring and Sleep apnea Canter
NK’s Sleep and Breath Academy
Sleepwell Global Healthcare

NK’s Snoring and Sleep apnea center is a center for sleep studies, screening, evaluation and wholistic treatment of Sleep Apnea and other Sleep Related Disorders. We have many specialists under one roof and we follow a multi-disciplinary patient centered treatment philosophy.

NK’s Sleep and Breath Academy, is a vertical of NK’s Global Healthcare and offers education and skills for health care professionals to implement a seamless practice in sleep medicine.  Different courses and platforms are made available for all fields of healthcare, to maximize your learning experiences.

NK’s Sleepwell Global Healthcare offers various solutions that would help in achieving better sleep and for management of sleep disorders. We fabricate custom made Mandibular Advancement Devices, CPAP machines and accessories, Sleep and Airway Diagnostic equipment, Oral Medical Devices or Mandibular Advancement Devices, that are used for treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, Anti-snoring and myofunctional accessories and various other products are available here

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